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Exercise routine to work every muscle group

These are the widely know full-body exercise routines, in these, you work every muscle work in every workout, leaving at least a rest day between each workout. In this kind of routine, people normally use between 3 and 6 exercises per workout, focusing only on compounds exercises.

know the fullbody routines

Full-body workouts, advantages and disadvantages



  • It is best for beginners; you train frequently and with exercises that stimulate a lot of muscle mass, so you advance really quickly.

  • You can gain enough strength in certain lifts because you can do them 3 times a week.

  • No muscle aches.

  • You don’t expend too much time in every workout (they are short).

  • They are really good to lose fat, as they let you to perform a lot of cardio.

  • It can be compatible with other sports.



  • Not good for advanced people.

  • It causes muscle decompensations as it does not allow much variety and volume.


How to design a fullbody routine

  • You will never train two days in a row, so you must to train day in and day out, but it can be combined if desired with other kind of splits, like upper-lower or splits routines.

  • First select a push exercise for your torso, another pull exercise for your torso and one exercise for your legs, you must to perform 2-4 sets per exercise, this will be obligatory.

Then we can optionally add:

  • 1 chest or shoulder exercise (depending on the push exercise we have chosen).

  • 1 pull exercise for your torso, either in a vertical or horizontal plane, depending on what we have chosen at first.

  • 1 exercise for quadriceps or femoral depending on what we have chosen at first.

  • And 1 exercise for biceps, triceps, calves and abs.

  • All these optional exercises will have between 1 and 3 sets each one and must be performed over 8 reps.


Ways to train

We can choose many ways to approach the routine, we can use a day where we focus on gaining strength, with few repetitions but using a high load, one in which we focus on hypertrophy and another one in which we will focus on strength as well.

It can also be 3 days of strength, or 3 days of hypertrophy or even 1 strength, another of hypertrophy and other one with a metabolic circuit for fat loss, really good for fat loss phases.

fullbody for beginners

Example full-body routine

Here is just one example of a routine for fat loss, in which one day will be for strength, another one for hypertrophy and another one to burn fat.


A. Strength day

A.Bench press 3 × 6/4/2

B.Barbell row 3 x 8/6/4

C.Squats 3 x 6/4/2

E1.Shoulders press 3 × 8

E2.Wide grip pulldown 3 x 10


B. Hypertrophy day

A.Military press 3 × 8

B.Pullups 3 × 12

C.Leg press 3 x 10

E.Flat dumbbell press 3 × 12

F.Dumbbell row 3 x 15

D. Hamstrings curl 3 x 15

F1.Babbell curl 3 × 12

F2. Skullcrushers 3 x 10

F3.Calf raises 3 x 20


C. Metabolic circuit (Perform every circuit 2-3 times)

A1.Peck deck machine 12-15 reps

A2.Pull-over machine 15-20 reps

A3.Lateral raises 12-15 reps

A4.Triceps kick 12-15 reps


B1.Leg press 12-15 reps

B2.Lying leg curl 15-20 reps

B3.Calf raises 12-15 reps

B4.Dumbbell curl 15-20 reps


C1.Abdominal crunch 15-20 reps

C2.Back extensions 12-50 reps

Exercise routine to work every muscle group
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